Dreams Palm Beach, Punta Cana Destination Wedding

Dreams Palm Beach, Punta Cana Wedding

Punta Cana is a perfect example of why you need an expert to help with a destination wedding!  I recently helped a couple with their wedding at Dreams Palm Beach.  Deciding on the resort was the easy part!  Dreams Palm Beach offered something for everyone on the guest list.  It is a great location for a variety of wedding guests including singles, couples and families.  The happy couple wanted their guests to experience an amazing vacation in addition to their wedding, and value was a priority.  The friendly, relaxing atmosphere at Dreams Palm Beach fit the bill!  It includes a beautiful beach, turquoise sea , amazing dining venues, activities, entertainment and the all-inclusive privileges of their  Unlimited-Luxury® program.

But, that was just the beginning!  Once we confirmed the wedding date, the real work began.  Dreams has a very busy wedding department with onsite consultants who make sure all the details are perfect.  We in the U.S. expect all questions to be answered and tasks to be completed in a “New York Minute.”  Well, anyone who has traveled to the Caribbean knows that they operate on “Caribbean Time.”  This is definitely a more relaxed time schedule I had to deal with.  But, the bride and groom didn’t know that!  They had nothing to worry about because they trusted that I was on top of everything. 

Dreams offers several wedding packages, including one that is complimentary if the proper requirements are met.  You can customize every detail from decorations to music, food, photos and more.  And, don’t worry if you have a request that is out of the ordinary.  No wish is too big, too small or too strange.  Dreams will get it done!  

While my bride and groom were deciding on the personal aspects of the wedding, I was busy working behind the scenes to make it all happen.  This included the rest of the group too.  So the happy couple could concentrate on, well, being happy, all the wedding guests were now directed to me.   No problem!  This is what I do!  Having visited the resort myself, it was easy to answer all their questions and secure the rooms they wanted.  Now everyone was prepared for the “Big Day!”

Now, don’t get me wrong.  There was a lot of work involved in planning this wedding.  And, it was not done overnight.  I worked on this for months before it all became a reality.  But, the important thing is this:  my bride and groom are now husband and wife!  They had a beautiful wedding on the beach at Dreams Palm Beach in Punta Cana, surrounded by their friends and family.   I made it as stress-free as possible and I know that their special day was everything they hoped for and more!   
~ Cherish McCartney, ACC, DS

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